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Play small quiz alone or with your friends and win great cash prizes.


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About Merabreak

Merabreak allows you to use your breaks to engage in activities which will be as much fun as rewarding. There are great Challenges to play and awesome prizes to earn.

Play Challenges

Challenges like quiz, puzzles, anagrams etc makes a perfect combination.

Mobile Recharge

The best way to redeem your points earned on Merabreak is Mobile Recharges.


Feeling lucky ? Participate and win some of the most exciting pizes.


Buy anything from the store with the points you have earned.

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    Sarfaraz Momin

    Founder & CEO

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    Ravindra Bargode

    Founder & COO

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    Sargam Raje

    Manager - Content & Stratergy

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    Saad Momin

    Manager - Product

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    Ranjit Nadar

    Development Lead

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    Vinay Kumar

    Android Developer

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    Uma Nadar

    Full Stack Developer

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    Aafaque Memon

    Creative Lead

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    Nikesh Mane

    Graphic Designer

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